band bio 

A Stick And A Stone is the project of vocalist-composer Elliott Miskovicz. Often joined on strings and vocals by Maria Boyer and Stelleaux Peach, with a steady flow of guest musicians, A Stick And A Stone crafts haunting, choral-ridden, meditative song-spells laced with ambient field recordings and poetic imagery. Performing as an openly trans and disabled artist, Miskovicz's work is devoted to shedding light on the unseen and unheard. A Stick And A Stone uses music to converse with nonhuman life forms, fallen friends, and mysterious forces with reverent inquiries into surviving and restoring our fractured world. When not recording at home in the woods of occupied Chinook terrain, A Stick And A Stone has been found performing in cathedrals, galleries, festivals, public rituals and punk houses since 2007.