A Stick And A Stone is the project of vocalist/composer Elliott Miskovicz. Performing as an openly trans and disabled artist, Miskovicz's work is devoted to shedding light on the unseen and unheard. Often joined by mycorrhizal networks of musicians and artists from the mid-Atlantic to the Pacific Northwest, this project has been rooted in and nourished by cultures of resistance since 2007. 

A Stick And A Stone weaves haunted vocals with arrangements of strings, harp, and piano to unfurl dark, minimalist song-spells laced with ambient field recordings and poetic imagery. Touring the DIY underground circuit extensively, A Stick And A Stone has been found performing everywhere from cathedrals and queer festivals to public rituals and punk houses for over 15 years. During this time, A Stick And A Stone has created music for dance companies and theater groups, collaborated with drag queens and shadow puppeteers, and produced five full-length albums. 

Descended from a leading music therapist, and raised singing sacred Jewish songs at events, Miskovicz started writing music at age twelve to mend the intricate ruptures of human alienation. His process is inspired by the exercises of butoh dance, somatic release, and other traditions that allow trauma and grief the needed space to move and transform. Committed to a practice of embracing the unknown, Miskovicz crafts ethereal soundscapes to converse with nonhuman life forms, fallen friends, and mysterious forces with reverent inquires into surviving and restoring our often fractured world.